Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tip Number Ten

Validate! Validate! Validate!

Validation is something that every be human being on earth CRAVES!
None of us ever get enough of this, and we go through our lives never feeling validated.
I have seen marriages fail because there was plenty
of love - but no validation.

Humans need to be validated.

If you want someone to like and trust you, or love and adore you, take every opportunity to validate what they’re saying.
Take every opportunity to validate anything you
can about them; and take every opportunity to
validate aspects of their personality.
Just think of a time when someone validated parts of you - remember how it made you feel?
You, yourself will feel like a million, because you have the power to validate someone else. It will generate all kinds of wonderful energy and feelings. And remember:

The law of attraction says,
“That which is like unto itself is drawn.”

Whatever you want for yourself, BE THAT to others. It will come right back to you and you will LOVE YOUR LIFE!
By following these guidelines to make people like and trust you instantly, you’ll attract - and be attractive to - more trust and love in your own life.

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