Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tip Number Nine

“So, tell me about yourself!”

These words are irresistible. Most people really do like to talk about themselves - and most people never get to. Give them the chance to talk about themselves, and they will like and trust you instantly.
Now, it’s really important to resist the temptation
to start talking about you - just let them talk.
After they like and trust you, and you have made a new friend, there will be plenty of time to talk about yourself.
There’s an extra added goodie you get by listening, too: by allowing them to talk about themselves, it gives you the space to decide how close you want to become with this person.
Learn how to use these important, supportive phrases, too: “Hmmmmm,” “Tell me more,” etc. Another phrase I use with store clerks, carry out boys, and anyone I want to make feel good is, “So, how has your day going been so far?”
Because of this simple question, I have heard the hopes, dreams and fears of almost every carry out boy at my local grocery store. This phrase signifies that you really do care. It is so much better than “How are you,” which elicits the same old ingrained response of, “Fine, and you?”
Try this until it becomes comfortable for you - people will love and trust you instantly. You will get a warm fuzzy
feeling, because you have made someone feel better.

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