Friday, December 21, 2012

"Raise your head up you are Egyptian"

Birthdays only gold medal champion..My Grandfather       (Khadr Al Touny)

* Was born December 15, 1913 Street Theology - Shubra, and his father was working as a merchant skins in Bab al-Darb El Ahmar creation.

* At the 14th General weightlifting tournaments swept the country in the Egyptian lightweight.

* Was the first international participation at the Berlin Olympics, 1936 which won My Grandfather (Khadr Al Touny) gold medal in the average weight and a new Olympic-size number 387.5 kg in the group.

* Stop him Hitler and the lives of saying: I wish I could be Germany .. right to Egypt to be proud of you, "Hrototy".

My Grandfather (Khadr  Al Touny) is a player only Egyptian weightlifting, who won three gold medals in the whole world: the first .... Second in Paris 1946.... CN 1949 third.... in Paris 1950

My Grandfather scored (Khadr Al Touny) golden Mediterranean Games first erected in Alexandria 1951 as well as the first Arab gold course in Alexandria.

My Grandfather retired Khadr Al Touny his hobby and passion - weightlifting - not neglecting a pot where he passed away the end of Sep 1956.

My Grandfather name was launched (Khadr Al Touny) on one of the main streets in Nasr City, Cairo.

* There is also another street as My Grandfather (Khadr  Al Touny) in the Olympic Village in Berlin as one of the most prominent heroes.

And last but not least,
"Raise your head up you are Egyptian"
Mostafa Fouad Al Touny

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